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The Digipreneur Academy was built to create a space where Caribbean Entrepreneurs could learn about the tools & strategies of building an online business or adding components to their existing business to take it online. 

We have unique challenges that require solutions that are specific to our markets. 

The courses found within the Academy are tried and tested! But nothing works without your time, energy and passion. 

The Caribbean's Resource Center

To Learn online business skills

Here Is A Sneek Peek Of The School

What Types Of Courses Will Be Available?


Website Building

Learn how to build a website using the most popular platform, WordPress. Learn how to build a professional level website that requires no coding knowledge or previous experience.


Digital Payments

Learn how to use the various payment systems that are unique to the Caribbean and how to integrate them into your online business.


Digital Marketing

Learn about the tools and strategies that drive traffic to your websites, email list, notification list and more. Once we begin driving traffic to our platforms, learn about the tools to capture data that will enhance your business processes & practice.

Let's start working on building your digital assets

Who Is The Academy For?

If this sounds like you, the Academy will be a great fit for you. 

Ready To Go Digital

If you are ready to participate in the global economy

Early Stage Entrepreneurs

Those who are now getting started and need to begin growing their business in the Caribbean & beyond.

Want To Become a Thoughtleader?

Learn how to optimize your website and pages to be found on the Search Engines. The goal of every thought leader should be to become the go to resource for their respective clients.

Need A Website

Ready to build your Ecommerce platform or blog

Service Based Businesses

Those who need to render a service online and want to understand the systems needed to get paid online.


Need Direction In The Digital Age?

If you are someone who knows they need to begin building their systems online to support their business but don't know where to begin...Our guided approach learning skills and putting them to practice by building them into your business is just what you need.

Keron Rose
keron rose

Meet The Founder

Keron Rose

Keron Rose is the Owner & Lead Mobile Expert behind the brand Droid Island. He learned the skills necessary to build a successful online business right here in the Caribbean. He learned about the unique challenges and solutions needed for our market and KeronRose.com has become the go to resource center for information on Entrepreneurship & Online Business in the Caribbean.

Keron is also the host of the popular web show, “The Digital Age”.

The Digipreneur Academy is where Keron creates courses for Caribbean Entrepreneurs to learn the skills, systems and tools to take their business online. 

business coach

Check Out The Courses Being Offered

digipreneur academy


Most frequent questions and answers

You can pay via Credit Card, Online Bank Transfer and Bank Deposit.

For Bank Transfers/Deposits:

Hit this link and select Bank Transfers upon Checkout:

Digital Assets Bundle


If you have questions, let 

info@digipreneur.academy with your name and question.

No, this is not a monthly subscription. The One Time payment of $150usd, gives you all access to all of the modules under the Digital Assets Bundle Part 1.

Besides your computer and a internet connection…No, this course is going to work with getting all of the fundamentals to begin building your website and digital assets. 

You will need a few extra tools and software to make this course work for you. Throughout the course, you will be presented with the free or low cost options available. You will also be shown the ones that cost a bit more, so that you have context. 

The course is designed for you to get started building your website on the lean side, you can always expand when you are ready to do so. 

Resilience and Perseverance! The Academy is designed to help and support you on your journey to building your digital assets.

The Content Management System (CMS) we will be using is WordPress and we will be showing you how to build with the platform without any coding knowledge. 

The course first set of courses will be released on Mon, Sept 21/2020 and all students will be notified that the courses are live via email.

You can pre-register to secure your spot in the course. 


For Any Further Inquiries, Drop A Message

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